2018 AGM Agenda

2018 AGM Agenda (PDF)

Proposed ResolutionWhy are you being asked to vote on this?Proposed and Seconded By
To approve the Minutes from the 2017 Annual General Meeting, Cape Town, South AfricaThe minutes provide the formal record of the proceedings of a meeting. This record should be accepted as true and accurate by the members.1. Martin Burton
2. Marguerite Koster
To receive and note the Trustees' Report and Financial Statements for 2017As a registered UK charity, Cochrane must prepare reports of its financial and organizational activities. The Trustees' Report and Financial Statements for 2017 were approved by the Governing Board. We now ask you to confirm that they have been made available to you.1. Martin Burton
2. Jan Clarkson
To approve Sayer Vincent as auditors until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting

The UK Charities Act introduced a specific requirement under charity law for charities to be audited. Auditors must state that the accounts comply with regulations and consider whether Trustees are properly exercising their stewardship responsibilities over the resources entrusted to them.

Auditors must be appointed for each financial year by the members to whom they report. Sayer Vincent are Cochrane's current auditors and work exclusively with charities and not-for-profit organizations. We are asking you to approve their re-appointment for another year.

1. Marguerite Koster
2. Martin Burton
To adopt the revised draft of the Articles of Association produced to the meeting in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Articles of Association

Cochrane's Articles of Association is its legal governing document. The latest version was adopted by Members in 2016. The Trustees now propose two amendments:

1) An extension on the total length of time that a Governing Board member (Trustee) may sit on the Board if they are appointed Co-Chair. Currently the total time-limit is six years, but this does not allow a Co-Chair to sit for two full terms as a normal member followed by two full terms as a Co-Chair, if they are appointed to do so. The Board would like to give Co-Chairs the opportunity to complete their terms.

2) The UK Charity Commission states a Governing Board may only meet by teleconference if this is specified in the charity's Articles of Association. The Trustees would like to specify this.

1. Rae Lamb
2. Tracey Howe

Running order:

1Special Thanks: Colloquium Organizers | Cindy Farquhar, Outgoing Board Co-Chair
2In Memoriam
3Approval of the Minutes
4Appointment of the Auditors
5Treasurer’s Report | Approval of Trustees’ Report & Financial Statements 2017
6Council Report
7CEO’s Report
8Editor in Chief's Report
9Co-Chairs' Report
10Members' Questions and Any Other Business
11Results of Votes on Resolutions
12Date of Next Meeting